Orientation, Spaghetti & Goals

Today was orientation and I am looking forward to studio even more. I am excited to push myself and to see how far I can get. The two most important things I learnt today were: the importance of prototyping, as our spaghetti challenge failed hilariously, and the importance of grinding. Being new to 3D programs and animation there is a lot I am bad at.
I really want to work at grinding these over the coming trimester:

  • Modelling – need to get faster and more efficient
  • Unwrapping – need to be more efficient
  • Rigging – have only ever rigged a simple object
  • Animation – have only every animated a simple object
  • Time management – have short term goals and deadlines
  • Prototyping and incremental learning – this will help me learn more effectively

Things I would like to make an effort to improve this trimester:

  • Character, creature, concept design
  • Figure and environment drawing
  • More detailed texturing

Additional things I would like to learn:

  • How to use Unity (or similar game engines)
  • How to incorporate my 3D models and animation into these programs
  • CAT rigs in 3DsMax

Definitions I learnt today:

  • MVP: minimal valuable product (highest return for lowest risk for the investors).
  • Use Case: how the end user excepts to use a product/program etc. If they are unable to do the use case failed.
  • Executive Producer: they are the money therefore they can change to project at anytime and expect things done.
  • Producer: keeps everything on track, similar to the EP but on a more day to day basis.
  • KPI: key performance indicators (they aim to make you a more hire-able person, i.e. don’t be a dick)
  • PBL: project based learning.
  • Iteratively: incremental learning and development (taking things step by step)
  • Professional Practice: building your portfolio and skills to a professional standard based on your own goals (what do you want to be?)

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