Final Project Ideas and Inspiration!

In our quick meeting after class there was a discussion about “clustering” a bunch of peoples’ individual ideas together for the final project. The loose idea was a video game character performing a move or action that would be quickly followed by an introductory sequence. This would be done in a 3D environment, with a 3D character and 2D elements in the intro sequence. This would possibly incorporate:

  • Character design, modelling, texturing, rigging and animation
  • Environmental design, modelling and texturing
  • A short but detailed animated action sequence (fight move or similar)
  • 2D designs and typography for the intro sequence
  • Audio
  • Visual effects (for both the intro and action sequences)

This would possibly allow collaboration between animation, game, audio and design students. In addition to this we could aim for multiple characters in multiple environments and scale back if necessary.

Here is some inspiration for the final project…

Street Fighter IV Ultra Moves:

Chun Li


Note the dynamic camera and character movements work well with the stylized visual effects.


Skullgirls “Blockbuster” Fighting Moves:

*** Skullgirls is 2D, we will be working in 3D. But I included it because this game and its animations are so beautiful.


Borderland 2 Character Intro Sequences:

Tiny Tina


Note how the slow (but not stationary) character movement and the parallaxing background gives movement and life during the text sequence.


2 thoughts on “Final Project Ideas and Inspiration!

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    Nice to see you blogging, but could you put your name into the blog name currently “ANI210 Studio Blog”. Thanks.


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