More Inspiration…

Again, Skullgirls has the most beautiful animation – completely 2D and handrawn.


5 thoughts on “More Inspiration…

  1. The colour palette Idea is pretty great. It’d probably be a good idea to develop a style guide early on with colour palettes concept art and fonts etc. Just to keep everyone on track with aesthetics.


    • everkaaik says:

      I totally agree: if we have a solid foundation the overall piece should be better 🙂 I have been looking at concept art and similar for ideas, will post when I have some collected.


  2. Martin B says:

    Yayy hand drawing. But 1200 – 1500 drawing per character, 2000 man hrs of work!! Sheeesh!


    • everkaaik says:

      It’s worth it though: the game is beautiful. Plus Alex has been designing and developing these characters since he was in highschool.


  3. Martin B says:

    Don’t forget, please to post up some evidence of the work you have done in class so I can start ticking them off.


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