Task 6a: Bouncing Ball

Our first task this Trimester was to demonstrate our understanding of squash and stretch, basic physics and different weights by animating a set of bouncing balls. To do this we used objects in the classroom to get a basic understanding of timing. Using a small rubber ball rolling off a book as a reference I drew the following thumbnails.


From these thumbnails I developed key-frames, then breakdowns and moved them to the appropriate position. After fiddling around a bit with timing, I added squash and stretch. Unfortunately, I did this before adding rotation so I had to delete and redo all of the squash and stretch anyway. It was good practice anyway. In order to demonstrate the different weights I decided to animate a small rubber ball, a soft ball and a bowling ball. The trajectories of these balls are shown below:


Through this exercise I developed my understanding and application of physics; learnt how to the show the trajectory of an object; learnt how to scale frames; and also learnt that it is probably better to do rotation before squash and stretch.

Before rendering I added a camera, a basic skydome and a skylight. I am relatively happy with my final animation: the only issue is that the small rubber ball does not seem completely round at any point. I am not sure what happened but I assume I stretched it without realising (my autokeys were working off and on). If I had the time I would redo it but the other tasks are more of a priority at the moment. Below is my final animation and video:


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