Task 7c: Run Cycle

As with the walk cycle, this task involved talking the ‘handwalker’ model and animating it in a looping run cycle. As a reference I used the running cycle of an emu. My thumbnails are below:

RUN_CYCLE_THUMBNAILS The main difference being that both feet leave the ground, movement is more exaggerated and contact is limited. As with the walk cycle, I animated both legs at once so that they would be completely even (see below).

run Once I was happy with the movement, I simply moved the frames of the second leg and made sure that all the out of range curves were looping. After I had fixed things up a bit I completed the scene with a camera, plane, sky-dome and skylight.

In all honesty the movements could have been more exaggerated and, once again, it does not really look like the reference material…

EDIT: The toes on one foot were completely out of sync. I had not put a frame at the end of the cycle so when they looped they gradually got out of time. Then, I had trouble using Set Keys to add the extra key. It wouldn’t work until I had gone into the curve editor and changed the out of range types back to constant. Have now fixed this, re-rendered and uploaded again. 


One thought on “Task 7c: Run Cycle

  1. Martin B says:

    Nice movements but it is gliding a bit too much in the stride while it is in the air. It could move a bit faster there.


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