Filming Reference Material

Today our group got together with Jam’s friend Connor to film the reference material for our final project. Both Jam and Connor have several years of experience in martial arts so they were the prefect models for the reference.

We all had a go with the cameras: Toby was in charge of the primary filming and used an awesome camera (with slow-mo filming and a dolly track); I was filming secondary material from a different angle (at a normal speed); Jam helped with the setup and the shots; and Ben was filming the behind-the-scenes footage.

It was fun and we got some really awesome footage. The slow motion videos look particularly cool and will be extremely helpful when animating the complex motions. Toby quickly put the videos together into a rough animatic (with placeholder text) in After Effects; we will be giving this to the audio and design students so that they are able to start planning out their work.


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