Game Project Aesthetics

Working with the my games group I have created some basic aesthetics for the game. Our game is a isometric turn-based multi-player in which clans of thieves protect their base while attempting to infiltrate their opponents. The main objective is seizing your opponents gold and all moves are based on 2d6 of probability. The game will be stylized and “cartoonish” in aesthetic. Here is the mood-board I have created for the game:


I have taken inspiration from Towerfall: Ascension, Bastion, Escape Goat, Besieged and Monument Valley. I love the colour palettes of these games and the stylized character designs. The smooth, painted textures of the 3D games (Bastion, Besieged and Monument Valley) are want I want to aim for – although this may be a bit out of scope.

Below is the refined colour palette for the game:

clans_colour palettes

The two clans of thieves will be blue and pink respectively. Different traps will be depicted in the different shades. The cave environment will be mostly depicted in shades of purple. Various HUD aspects and other important items will be depicted in the golden shades of the text.

Taking all this into account I have tried to develop a logo which mostly accurately represents the game. My final design is below:

actual_final_2Here is a quick breakdown of my design:

  • The colours reflect the palette of the game.
  • The text and chosen symbols demonstrate the fantasy, rogue-ish setting
  • The golden text and gold coins show the games main objective: gold
  • The dice demonstrate the chance aspect of the game
  • The two daggers show the combat and defense mechanisms
  • The opposing colours of the daggers show the 1 versus 1 multi-player

One thought on “Game Project Aesthetics

  1. Martin B says:

    Great work, it looked really good in the presentation this week.


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