Task 9: Planning the Obstacle Course

Today we began planning the obstacle course for the animation challenge. After some discussion with my group, we came up with the following ideas:

  • character is really small and climbs over tabletop (or similar)
  • include parkour aspects
  • could composite final animation
  • possibly even composite footage of cat (or similar) chasing character
  • character think they have got away, looks back and gets shocked

From this we developed a basic environment and plan of how the character might move through it:


We pitched this idea to the class and got a lot of feedback. Most importantly we are going to have to consider whether compositing the animation will be in scope. The rest of the feedback is below:


Things we will be considering include:

  • Revealing the scale at the end in order to give audience a surprise
  • Character might be running towards a goal – possibly food – at end of the table
  • Whether to composite or not depending on time

How we will go about this project:

  1. Refine overall plan
  2. Plan sequence of events
  3. Allocate tasks
  4. Define roles within team
  5. Start story-boarding
  6. Test every stage of the production pipeline
  7. Begin production

One thought on “Task 9: Planning the Obstacle Course

  1. Martin B says:

    Good start, well documented.


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