Game Character Concepts

For my games project, Trove of Thieves, I have come up with the initial character design. As we have limited time, I will make one character and two different textures. My character design is below:

model sheets
Of course, these are just concepts and will be simplified when I model the character. The thief wears a hooded cloak and the hood will definitely be up so to eliminate the need for hair animation (I just drew it down for the concepts).

In addition to this I did a very quick sketch of the thief running with the hood up.


For this project I will be doing the following with this character:

  • Modelling
  • Unwrapping
  • Texturing in the two different palettes
  • Rigging
  • Idle animation
    • Transition (although this might be handled by Unity)
  • Run cycle
    • Animation of hood and cloak
  • Basic death animation

For the run cycle I will be aiming for something similar to this (as suggested by Ben Lovegrove):


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