Task 4b: Mage Model Texture

Following the unwrap, I started the long (much, much longer than I anticipated) process of texturing. To start with, I worked out a basic colour scheme. This was my original idea which I adapted to suit the model.


Following Elle’s video, I first added the flat base colours and drew a quick guide over the top to use as a reference throughout.

01This guide did not change that much although I added a lot more detail in many areas. After quickly painting in some abs, I started working out the symbols and “magic” for his hands. I chose to use the alchemy symbol for the Philosopher’s Stone, as I like its design and think it works well with the model.


I wasted a lot of time on these hands. In retrospect this was a bad choice as I spent much more time on texturing than I wanted to. Mostly I was messing around with the symbols but I also had a lot of trouble with the seams.

I started to add details, trims and shading slowly.


This is the first time I have ever really painted digitally. Initially I used a soft brush but upon Chris’ advice I switched to a hard brush. I found that the end result was an interesting “painted” texture (you can see it on the pants).


After I worked out a majority of the texture, I tried using the alpha channel. Below is my first attempt: parts of the belt and cloak are transparent but I forgot to do the clasp as well. I turned this off while I was texturing as it messed with my model in the viewport. 07

For the mages back, I decided to add more of the magical symbols, similar to his arms. For the glows I used big, soft brushes on a low opacity, then added a Gaussian blur filter. I repeated this several times, each layer more and more blurry, with different opacity levels. I also added an outer glow to the layer with the symbols. I had a lot of fun messy around with glows. The result is below.


I did the same to the arms. As you can see, I chose to use a very small colour palette. The same yellow highlight was used the the hands, magical symbols, eyes and cloth trimmings.


The last thing I choose to texture was the belt. I have never really been good at drawing cloth so I was a bit intimidated by it. I used the orange and yellow trimming to help me work out how the fabric was going to fall.


After the belt and a couple of touch ups, I was finished. My final textures are as so:

final(Sorry the UV map is still visible) 

This is how it appears on my model:


I am quite happy with the result as this is my first time texturing with this level of detail. Also it is the first digital painting I have ever done.  Texturing this model was really enjoyable. I loved working out the colours and details and learnt some very good painting techniques.


3 thoughts on “Task 4b: Mage Model Texture

  1. jam says:

    Ugh, Erika this is badass!!! (Please forgive me Martin for swearing)
    You wouldn’t know that you’re not fond of cloth by looking at it, it’s really well done! 🙂


  2. Martin B says:

    Bad as and Mad as! Did you see how I did that without swearing. 🙂


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