Task 8a: Ball Throw

In this task we were asked to demonstrate weight and force. We also learnt the basics of using a rig and the difference between FK and IK targets. Below is an image of the rig that was provided to us.


For the action of throwing a ball I wanted the movement to be exaggerated but not crazy (so no baseball pitches). I only sketched a couple of thumbnails in class but I added to them later after watching a reference video. I find that acting things out myself really helps but I still need a reference to see the movement in perspective.


From my thumbnails, reference material and Chris’ direction we began to key in the poses. Chris taught us how to use stepped keys when animating action. It is very similar to 2D animation: first key the extreme poses (key frames); breakdown the action (breakdowns); add holds, overlapping or extra actions where necessary (inbetweens – although these will mostly be done by 3dsMax but it really helps to include some to get the ease in and out correct). Below are the key poses from my animation (click to enlarge).

KEYS2As I had a lot of keys and a lot of holds, the animation was fine when I set the curves to auto. After a bit of tweaking I was finished. Below is the final video:

I think that Jon is a bit floppy but overall the animation is okay.


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