Task 8d: Item Pick Up

Within the the weights and forces task we were asked to demonstrate a character picking up an object. I choose to have the SAE rig pick up a large (and very heavy) box as I thought this would really demonstrate weight. I used the Richard Williams example of a pick up as a reference.

diagram931 4

Below are my thumbnails for the pick up. They are similar but less exaggerated.

PICK_UPI also choose to add some extra facial expressions for fun. Also, I experimented with the render settings so as to give the render a 2D effect. I used the “Tech” render setting with the Quicksilver renderer. My final video is below:

I am quite happy with how this turned out.


2 thoughts on “Task 8d: Item Pick Up

  1. lift with your knees john! But seriously this is a great bit of animation. The box actually looks really heavy. The only part I feel like could use work is when he stops. It feels a bit jolting to me. The rest of the animation has such great subtlety, his head shake when he first tries to pick it up, the use of the facial rig and the shake in his knees it makes the part where he goes completely still stand out. Other than that great work!


    • everkaaik says:

      Thanks Toby 🙂 I noticed that as well but wasn’t sure what was wrong exactly… I tried a couple of things but I kind of ran out of time.


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