Hyperion Character Model

Using the model sheets and character design that Jam created, I have modeled the secondary character of our final project: Hyperion. Here are Jam’s model sheets:


As you can see, this character has several asymmetrical pieces. Even so, I began modelling the character from a box and using a symmetry modifier – similar to the mage character.


As we did with the mage model, I made sure that the joints were appropriate for animation. Here is the completed symmetrical character:


I then modeled the asymmetrical accessories separately:

02B The last thing to do was to collapse the symmetry modifier and fix up the left arm (the skeleton arm). The completed model is shown below:



The model will most likely need adjusting so that it fits to the rig and skins properly. As such, we have chosen to not unwrap the model until this is complete.


One thought on “Hyperion Character Model

  1. Martin B says:

    Impressive. Watch out for that skinny section of the upper bone arm.


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