A New Games Project

Once again, the game students have been given a new brief and just four weeks to design, create and complete a game. This time, however, we will be presenting the final project to industry professionals. So the pressure is on!

I am in a group with the game students David, Jayden and Stewart. Sam McLean (audio) will be in control of the audio and Vanja (animation) is possibly going to be helping out with the art and animation. Our team is called “United Front” as we are a collaboration of multiple disciplines and are all striving together to create the best game we can. I have created the following logo for our group. I chose to use strong geometry to match our name and attitude (it is a very basic logo):for blogToday we got together as a group to discuss game ideas and concepts. The brief is rather tricky this time so we have a lot to consider when creating this game. Below is my contribution of rough concept ideas (plus sketches). Although most of these are unfeasible, we have started to seriously consider one of my concepts:game_ideasI really look forward to creating this game and am quite positive that we will be to achieve our goals!


One thought on “A New Games Project

  1. Martin B says:

    Looks like fun already.


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