Task 5: Skinning the Mage + Animation Test

This week in class we skinned the mage model to the rig that Elle set up. The rig is shown below:

01Elle has chosen to add fins in the bone modifier options. This is really cool as it helps show the positioning and orientation of the joints and muscles.

I quickly discovered that the unit setup is quite important. When I modeled the mage, I did not touch the units – this meant that the mage was very large compared to the rig when I merged the files.


This simply meant that I had to scale the mage and align it to the rig.

03This worked pretty well as I stuck closely to the reference sheets. However, the hands were wrong which meant that I had to move the mesh until it fit the rig. Here is what the fixed model looked like:

04Chris gave us a quick run down on skinning, envelopes, weighting and joint geometry. Then we applied a skin modifier and began the actual skinning process.

This took quite some time, much longer than I planned for, and involved actually adjusting the topography of my original model in some sections (particularly the belt). The final skinning and the animation test is shown below. I have placed the “before and after” renders of the mage side-by-side so as to best show the difference. I hope is this clear enough.

Unfortunately, I had some problems with parts of my model (the head and fingers) disappearing. However, I just re-rendered everything and it seemed to work fine. Did anyone else have this issue?


One thought on “Task 5: Skinning the Mage + Animation Test

  1. Martin B says:

    looking good. 2 more columns ticked off.


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