Game Concept Stuff

Working from my firefly concept (below) I have started fleshing out some concepts for our game pitch:fireflyHere is the moodboard I created. I have chosen images for the overall feel, stylization, use of colour and depth, lantern designs and colour palettes.
00_moodboard_00Using this moodboard and reference images I began developing some more concept sketches for the game.

Firefly model designs:firefly_designsRefinement of designs:
firefly_developmentTitle Artwork Concept – Version 1:Title_conceptTitle Artwork Concept – Version 2:

Title_concept_2After these I started to work on visualizations of the different interactive elements: the spiderweb, the normal lanterns and corrupt lanterns.

Visualization of Spiderweb:
MechanicsConcepts_WEBLantern design sketches:

LanternDesignSketchLantern Inactive:

Lantern_inactiveLantern Active (note how the branches have moved away):Lantern_activeCursed Lanterns:lantern_corruptHere is a collage of the main aspects of design that give the game its feel and theme:13_ThemeBelow is the visualization for ending of the game. At the moment we are thinking that the fireflies will leave the forest and return to the sky, as it they had been stars trapped on earth.
star_conceptThis is all for the moment, might be doing more concept work later.thank-you


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