Hyperion Unwrap

For our final project I have unwrapped the Hyperion Model and started the basic texturing. As the model had already been skinned I had to be really careful when collapsing the modifiers. My progress is shown below:

01I used seams and “peel” as this is an organic model.
02After the body I unwrapped the accessories. Once these were complete I collapsed the unwrap modifier down to the editable poly on each of the meshes. Then, after selecting all the meshes at once, I added an unwrap modifier and began to pack the UVs.
03When I was finished, I individually collapsed the unwrap to each mesh. All other methods caused the skinning to disappear or break (fortunately I had saved before each try). The final unwrap works with the skin modifier:
04The final unwrap is shown below. I have given the different sections a colour in order to demonstrate how the character was unwrapped.
texturesThe coloured texture applied to the Hyperion model:


One thought on “Hyperion Unwrap

  1. Martin B says:

    Good progress on the UV unwrap and the basic texture shows it is all applying properly. It will be nice to see the final texture on there soon.


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