Asteria Unwrap & Basic Textures

As with the Hyperion model, I have unwrapped and started the base textures for the Asteria model. My progress is shown below:

unwrap01Again, seams and “peel” has been used. Asteria was much simpler and quicker to unwrap as she has no asymetrical elements in her design.

02The final unwrap with the checkerboard texture. As I unwrapped the model in large pieces it was very easy to pack the UVs.

03Finally I added the basic flat colours to the texture map. These are simply the beginning of the texturing and more detail will be added later.

wordpressSo finally Asteria is clothed and ready for action! Even if she has no face yet… 



2 thoughts on “Asteria Unwrap & Basic Textures

  1. […] the final project I have redone the Asteria unwrap. The original unwrap was symmetrical however her design is asymmetrical and needs asymmetrical uvs (I did not know this […]


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