Redo of Asteria Unwrap

For the final project I have redone the Asteria unwrap. The original unwrap was symmetrical however her design is asymmetrical and needs asymmetrical uvs (I did not know this at the time). Below is the new unwrap:

Texture_Asteria_FIXEDIn order to demonstrate the left and right sides of the model I included green and red dots on a separate layer:

Texture_Asteria_FIXED2Now the model can be textured asymmetrically:



2 thoughts on “Redo of Asteria Unwrap

  1. Martin B says:

    Not sure you needed to do this, but it looks good.


    • jam says:

      It was needed because she has circuits on her skin remember? [], so it would look weird if they were symmetrical! šŸ˜€


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