Task 12: Tabletop Composition

I have composited the tabletop animation into the footage I took a couple of days ago. To do this I tried several different methods of motion tracking and compositing. I looked at ways to import 3D objects into After Effects but could not find a way without buying plugins or expensive programs. Eventually I just changed the viewport in 3DsMax to a PNG sequence of my video file and adjusted my model to suit. Then I rendered and composited the footage together. Below is a breakdown of the composition:

Below is the final composit:

Even though I have tried extremely hard to fix this, the books still seem to slide.


3 thoughts on “Task 12: Tabletop Composition

  1. Motion tracking is a pretty tricky business, did you have a try using the camera tracker in After Effects and using the script to export the camera to max? It’s a bit of an annoying process and some shots track better than others. I can send you some tutorials if you want some more info!


  2. everkaaik says:

    i ended up using the motion tracker in after effects. exporting the camera movement did not work well for me at all – it just kept fucking up.


  3. Martin B says:

    It is a bit slidy, but if you have used the proper tracker and this is the best you can do, I’ll tick it off. However you should try to get some help with it on Monday to fix it up and get it ready to compile it with Toby’s and Nico’s.


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