Art of The Title

Last night I looked at several different title sequences on the website Art of the Title.

Although most of these were quite different: some being filmed in beautiful detail (Dexter), others being very minimalist in animated black and white (Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus and 2012). Despite these varying techniques and styles, all of the title sequences convey a very clear theme and evokes a specific notion. Most have a very tight colour palette and use of typography. Additionally, a lot of sequences use time manipulation effects (such as speeding up and slowing down) and exaggerated use of aperture and focus.

Of all the sequences I watched, the title sequence for the 2013 Analogue/Digital conference in Brisbane. It is controlled in its use of colour, employing a simple monochromatic scheme. Tone and form has been used to great effect and is emphasized by the use of visual effects.

In addition to this, they have interviewed the creator and included videos breaking down the composition, visual effects and workflow. There is even a downloadable After Effects file showcasing the hand particle effects. This is an exemplary example of visual effects in the title sequence and an excellent resource.


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