Studio 2 Begins!… Time for some goals

I am very excited to be starting another Studio unit. To begin with, I thought I would flesh out the questions we were asked at the beginning of class.

Current Strengths:

  • Research
  • Unwrapping
  • Design and composition
  • Working under pressure
  • Creating achievable scopes

Current Weaknesses:

  • Time management
  • Digital painting
  • Use of After-Effects
  • Character Animation
  • Detailed Organic/Character Modelling

My goals for this Trimester:

  1. Improve time management, be on top of projects and workload.
  2. Drastically improve my character animation and learn facial rigging / lip-syncing.
  3. Learn animation blending and how to implement these in games.
  4. Drastically improve modelling and texturing, including how to sculpt in Maya.
  5. Improve my concept, composition and design skills.
  6. Have the baselines done early!

How I will achieve these:

  1. Use the ‘Personal Studio Schedule’ and set lists of task to do each day.
  2. Work hard, do some tutorials and focus on Animation Specialisation.
  3. Work on cross disciplinary projects with games and focus on Animation.
  4. Do some tutorials and work hard during the Modelling and Digital Painting.
  5. Take on role as Art Director for games project and work hard during Digital Painting.
  6. Work hard at applying LOs to my projects and start research tasks early.

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