Rapid Production Project: Reboot

Today we started our rapid production group project. My group, Stayin’ Alive (Team D) will be rebooting the movie Saturday Night Fever as a television series and will be creating the title sequence in the style of the Archer titles.

I am quite excited to do this project, as Saturday Night Fever has a lot of iconic imagery that we can work with. I really think that we will be able to ‘reboot’ it in the Archer style.

Roles and Organisation

Luke, Lachlan and I are going to be directing some of the Studio 1’s throughout this project. In order to divide the work evenly and to help organise our team, we have each taken on a director role.

VFX Lead: Luke
2D Lead: Lachlan
3D Lead: Erika

In addition to this we have set up Toggl in order to track our time.


Communication Channels

In order to have effective communication, we have set up a several different channels.

I set up a Slack channel for discussion and also a shared Google Drive so that we can easily share images and files.


Kaylah has set up a Pinterest board which we have been using as our mood board.


In addition to these, we will be meeting on Wednesdays after class to work on this project.

Initial Scope


  • “Actors” names for the titles.
  • Typography that fit with theme and style.
  • Bright colour palette that suits theme and style.
  • Unmoving 2D assets (drawings, blueprints) to be overlaid on coloured blocks.
  • 2D dancing silhouette assets for background.
  • Basic animated 3D assets (medallion, record player, disco ball) to be rendered flat.
  • Moving 2D stills for foreground (footprints, light beams).
  • Animated (puppet style) silhouette for foreground.
  • 15 secs long.


  • Collab with audio student to get original music.
  • Effectively time animations and titles to music.
  • Moving or keyframed background silhouettes.
  • High quality background assets (2D and 3D).

Scale Back

  • Use Bee Gees or similar for music.
  • Animate the foreground images only.
  • Have basic 2D assets.
  • Limit to 15 secs.

Initial Schedule

Throughout Wk 1: Everyone is to watch movie and concept some ideas and images for project.
By 29th Sept: Luke will take these concepts and have the screenplay written.
Throughout Wk 2: The leads will breakdown the screenplay and create asset lists. Leads will work with Studio 1 peoples to define roles and tasks for each team member.
By 2nd Oct: Erika and Lachlan will have a complete storyboard for the project.
Starting 3rd Oct: Studio 1 peoples will start on animatic.


GK01Sam’s channel. (2014). Archer Title Sequence [Video].

TrailersPlaygroundHD. (2013). Saturday Night Fever – Official Trailer HD [Video].


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