Valkyrie: Initial Character Concepts

I have been reading through some ImagineFX character concept tutorials and have tried to implement this process in my own character design. To begin with I started by trying to create interesting silhouettes.


First I created a base silhouette and then sketched come concepts over the top

I tried to vary the silhouettes a lot. At this point, I really like the second concept as, I feel, it is an interesting interpretation of the Norse concept of destiny and the Valkyries.

From these silhouettes I began to sketch out some designs:

concept1At this point in time, I am still really liking the second silhouette (and not keen on the winged designs). I like the idea of the Valkyrie draped in strips of worn cloth, rotten flesh and human organs. Although it is morbid it relates strongly to Darraðarljóð, an old Norse poem describing how the Valkyries reweave the human destinies.

I also still like the viking warrior style characters. Over the course of this week I will do more concepts for each and see what style I prefer.


Mythical Realm (MR). (2012). The Valkyries. Retrieved 29th Sept, 2015 from


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