Radial: Title Concepts

The original opening / title screen for the game had a rotating I put this together as a concept for the title / opening screen of the game:

I liked this idea, however I also liked the idea of having the constellations textured to a sphere with its normal’s inversed. The titles (and camera) would float inside the sphere as it rotated, so that the constellations move in 3D space. I feel like this would look and feel more like the night sky. I mocked this up and the test of it is below:

I found that the second one is just not as clean. Also, I realised that I really liked the way that the constellations rotate around the letter ‘d’ in the original version.

I have tried to fix these issues in this final version, which uses the 3D textured sphere and incorporated 2D text over the render:

At this point in time I am really not sure if the 3D textured sphere is worth doing. The 2D version looks cleaner and if I really want the curvature / depth I can apply a ‘fish eye’ filter to the constellations.

Images used for constellation maps:

Constellations [Image]. (2013). Retrieved from

Skymap [Image]. (2010). Retrieved from


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