Valkyrie: Refining Character Design

Going from the rough concepts in my last post, I wanted to refine the Valkyrie design. In the first iteration I draped her in the organs of her victims and she had the distaff almost like a weapon.

valkyrie2I wasn’t exactly sure how a distaff was meant to be used. So I did some research, realised that I was completely wrong and tried to fix this in the second iteration. Here she holds the distaff as it should be held. The black cord, that would hold the raw cotton in place, wraps around the distaff and her right arm. The spun thread that she pulls from the distaff is red representing the blood and life-stream of the warriors and is more symbolic of their fate.

I am much happier with the second iteration of the design. It is still lacking (I would like to incorporate Norse patterns and some runes) but at this point I will start concepts for the creature and environment.


Swales, L. (2014). Dressing a Naked Distaff [Video]. Retrieved from


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