First Day Horrors: Brief and Initial Concepts

So, I am taking on a second cross-discipline project: a 3D game for Studio 2 game students. The brief was to make a game that would, at first, scare the player and then make them happy through a surprise. The game I will be working on is titled ‘First Day Horrors’ and is about a young girl who must run through a monster-filled, dark forest to reach a golden gate. This gate turns out to be her school gate: she was safe all along and had just run out of class because she was anxious about her first day of school.

Here is the big twist: this game is due next Wednesday. So I will be working hard doing concepts, art, modelling and animation. I am not sure how much I will get done, but we will see.

To begin with I have started by doing some concepts for the characters and game space. The only source of light will be from the girl’s plush toy. It is for this reason that I have gone for a dark palette with a bright accent. And, obviously, the time limit means we will be going with a very simplified, low poly style.

New canvas


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