Reboot Project: Reflection

Working on the Rapid Reboot Project was quite interesting as I took on more of a manager role than a production role. This was a good learning experience for me as I haven’t had to take on such a role before and forced me to do documentation.

Implementing a Framework

In the beginning, I set up a couple of frameworks to help with the production process. I created the initial scope:

scopeI also set up a shared google drive and encouraged our team to get onto Slack and Toggl. In order to keep on top of things, I created the following schedule and hours log which I regularly encouraged the team to view and use.



I believe that I sufficiently established a framework which facilitated collaborative production.

The rest of the project

In addition to the framework and management role, I also created the storyboards, a basic animatic and a couple of background assets during the first couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I got quite sick around the end of Week 3 and basically missed two weeks of uni. This meant that my work of the project was minimal bar the first couple of weeks.

Aside from a couple of communication issues, over Week 4 and 5 the team worked really well together, even collaborating with a graphic designer for the typography and colour. I am pleased that the project really came together and the final scenes all have a consistent style and flow. Although I can not take credit for the final product, I am really proud of what my team has produced and how effective the collaboration has been.


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