Games Collab: Trust

As part of the cross-discipline work, I will be collaborating with audio, animation and game students as part of the Studio 2 games project. On Wednesday we spent about 5 hours exploring the concept of trust (on which this project is based). The project seems really cool so far and I am looking forward to participating.

This Trimester, the games students must create a game that utilizes and explores themes of trust. The game will be presented and played in an exhibition space. This means that the players will not be able to communicate as they will be wearing headphones. In addition to these conditions, students from other disciplines (me included) are to contribute pieces of work (pictures, animations, ideas etc) which explore trust or a particular aesthetic. The games students then have to draw inspiration from these collected pieces and design a game based around them.

So far I have contributed the following ‘inspiration pieces’:

magicFrom this the students could take: blind trust, lack of information, lying, vulnerability, colours, aesthetic or setting.

tradeFrom this the students could take: trade, betrayal, risks/gamble, lack of information, colours, aesthetic or setting.

systemFrom this the students could take: blind trust, forced trust, vulnerability, obeying, colours, aesthetic or setting.

In addition to these pieces I came up with a weird game concept:

  • Two player game sharing a single screen.
  • Each player wears the old 3D glasses but with a single colour.
  • Screen is monochromatic except for the playable characters and obstacles.
  • Players will only be able to see the colour opposite to their glasses.
  • Will have to work together in situations to get past obstacles but also have an individual score.

mI know it sounds crazy but I think it will work. My friend is a programmer and had 3D glasses with just red in the lenses. He wore them while programming once (who knows why) and couldn’t work out why the program won’t build. He was using the dark skin for Visual Basic and couldn’t see part of his program (the thing that’s in red).

KI think it would be pretty cool and you could do really interesting things with it. It would just take some adjusting and making sure the colours had the same tonal values.


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