Game Character: Concept and Design

For my game character production pipeline, I plan on creating a character that would suit a stylized RPG. I wanted to design an earth-magic user so I could use earthy tones and green particle effects (for the magic). Below are my concepts for Tahlia:

conceptsI realize that this is a basic ass character design and the horns don’t work unless she is a full satyr etc. but I was mainly inspired by the comic book series Saga and how Fiona Staples creates humanoid characters with animal features:

saga-no-killing-e1412318361134-720x340Moving on, I created the following model sheet based on my initial concept:

I usually find that model sheets do not include a back view of the character. However, I have included it as I find it helpful, especially for the placement of muscles. For how I will begin the process of modelling.


Marcotte, J and Staples, F. (2014). Interview: Saga Artist Fiona Staples.


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