Digital Painting Exercise

In class today we did a digital painting exercise that explored the importance of colour and tone in environments. First I choose this lineart:Ancient_Forest_FF7_Art_3From here, I created several tonal thumbnails. With these I was experimenting with how different values created a different focal point and also how they gave the appearance of a different time of day:value-studyMy two favorite were the top right and bottom left. For this exercise I choose to use the top right. In the next stage I created a couple of coloured thumbnails using images as references:

colour-thumbnailsI ran out of time with the sunrise thumbnail so I used the daytime one instead. I also really like the green tones. Using the thumbnail as reference I coloured my scene:

forest-colour2After this I spent a long time using images to add texture. I used leaf, grass, moss, rock, cliff and bark textures to finish the piece:

forest-colourOverall, I am actually pretty happy with this. I have never used this technique before and will definitely be using it again for concept work.


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