Game Character: Modelling

Using my model sheet (below), I began to model my character.


Before I began, I looked at several different tutorials on how to model a character. Because of these tutorials, I started by using cylinders for the torso, arms and legs. This was new for me as I am used to box modelling and I found that it worked out much better. I will definitely be using this technique in the future.


At this stage I had finished the torso (with smoothing groups) and was at the point of connecting the arms to the shoulders. I was using symmetry mode at this point (and through most of the process).


From there I continued, adding a waist and legs.


This was the final body mesh minus the hands, feet and head. At this stage I went back to the joints and fixed up the topography of the knee, wrist and elbow joints.


After this, I began modelling the hands. In the tutorials, they started by modelling the hands separately and attaching them after.


In my opinion, the hands worked out OK considering I have never modeled hands before. Again, I adjusted the topography to give the knuckles the proper joints.

06From here I blocked in the feet. I took less care with these, as the feet will be viewed the least.

feetFinally, I began to work on the face and head of the character. I have never modeled a character’s face in such detail before so it took me a much, much longer time that expected. Unfortunately, my model sheet was lacking detail in the face which definitely hindered my workflow. However, I followed an excellent tutorial which helped me a whole lot. The tutorial began the face with several cylinder caps which I adjusted to suit.

faceAfter literally hours, I had finished the head. She still looks scary / horrifying. I am not sure if this is the lack of hair (which I will be completing later), lack of eyebrows or simply my inexperienced and fumbled attempt at modeling a face.

head4I added a coloured multi/sub-object texture in Max to help see how the final product would look.

head3Finally, I added the clothing edges and her bag and belt.

bagAt this point I am happy with her model and design. Now I can start the process of giving her a skeleton and rig. I will add her hair and horns later on, as these are not essential for the rig.

Tutorials used for reference:

Taylor, J. (2013). Maya Character modeling tutorial, part 2 – Hands and Feet [Video]. Retrieved from

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