Game Character: Final details for model

Today I added the last details and finalised my model. Firstly, I had to do something about her face – it just looked wrong and a little scary. The tutorial I followed to create her face was for a realistic male model; I think this is why she looks so odd here.

01 (3)From here I made several adjustments to the existing model: I made the nose thinner, moved the corners of the mouth up, moved the eyes in a bit and adjusted their shape and adjusted her jaw line. Finally, and most crucially, I added eyelashes and eyebrows.

01 (2)I think this is already much better and should (hopefully) only improve with texturing.

Next, I created her horns. This took me quite a long time and a lot of messing around. Luckily, Steve showed me how to use the “Extend along Spline” tool in class. This worked out quite well and was easy to use.

66Lastly, I worked on her hair. For this I tried several different methods: extending along a spline, box modelling the strands and rendering splines as polys. None of this worked well. Finally, I found a tutorial on using splines and the Hair and Fur modifier. To begin with I created some splines:

44 Then added the Hair and Fur modifier and played around with it. The modifier is a bit fiddly, but the dynamics are really cool.

33It still needs some work: the hair still seems to clip through the head a little, I needs a couple more splines and I need to adjust the settings so it is not so stringy. However, I like how it is working at the moment and think that I will definitely use this method. Additionally, I want to use some nice hair shaders and materials.

hair-test[Sorry for the shitty GIF, don’t have Premiere on my home computer]

From here I can finally start the unwrapping, texturing and rigging stages.


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