Zurvivor: Technical and Visual Guides

Currently, I am working on the Studio 2 trust game “Zurvivor”. The game is to be a four person, top-down, zombie survival game with 2D graphics. As we have lots of animators working on this project, I have put together some visual and technical guides to help with production. Hopefully these will speed our workflow and help us to maintain a consistent style.

Below is the initial style guide:

style-guideHere are the colour palettes for the different sections:

colourPalettesHere is the font guide:

FONT-GUIDEFinally, this is the technical specification guide. This guide covers the required file type, resolution and sizes. It also covers the relative scale and sizes of the different assets, with images that can be used as reference.



One thought on “Zurvivor: Technical and Visual Guides

  1. […] playtest I made several placeholder assets. These assets were created according to the documented specifications. They are of the correct file size and resolution, follow the set out style and use the colours […]


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