Digital Painting: Apply feedback

Over the last couple of weeks, everyone in the digital painting specialization has been actively using Slack to share designs and give feedback. In addition to this, Katie has been holding feedback sessions during class. This has all been helping to develop my character design.

In the first session, we looked at this concept:

06From this session the feedback was:

  • She is unbalanced – needs something on the feet or legs
  • The thread looks messy and out of place
  • Cloak doesn’t fit well with the rest
  • Include more of Norse pattern
  • Change physique: make her more demi-god like

Using this feedback, I tweaked her design. In these iterations, I tried to balance the design more and have more repetition of the certain elements like the runes and black crosses.

08In the second feedback session we reviewed the bottom left iteration. The feedback is as follows:

Erika_fbIn addition to this, it was suggested that, for the feathers, I start with a black base and add purple slowly. I also think the purple was a bit much but I will definitely work it into the feathers.

From here, I tweaked her design again, fixing up the leg wraps, cloak, runes and adding raven feathers:

refinementI posted this iteration on Slack. Jo pointed out that we should be able to see the back of the skirt. Both Vanja and Chris suggested that I make her much taller. Again I applied this feedback:

new-physiqueIn response to this image, Chris said that I could make her even taller (around 9 heads tall). He suggested that I look at Wonder Woman and fashion sketches as reference.

From here I will try to exaggerate her height even more. I think I have been playing it safe so far, so I will do several tests really trying to exaggerate the proportions. Additionally, I will also begin to test colours for her clothing and working purple into the feathers.


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