Integrating Sound with Animation Inside Unreal

I choose to integrate sound with my run animation inside the Unreal engine. I did this through the blueprint and notify systems. Firstly, I grabbed a couple of free sound effects and imported them into my project (quickly learning that a whole bunch of file types are not supported).

Then I dropped in some background ambience. This was very easy but required a blueprint setup because I wanted it to loop.


I then opened up my run animation, worked out where the sound should be played and set a ‘notify’ on the correct frame. This notify allowed me to attach a sound file (in this case a footstep) to the animation frame where she makes contact with the ground.

5In addition to this, I added a gong sound effect to the beacons activating. This was a little more complicated and required using Blueprints (Unreal’s node based scripting) to get it working properly.


Finally, I made a musical sound play once all the beacons had been found. Again, this was much more complicated. Ben and I went through a couple of tutorials to work out how exactly that could be done.

6The video below shows how the sounds work in the ‘game’.

These sound effects are not perfect at all but it does helps make the scene feel complete.


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