Deep Secret: Development Work for the Path

One of the biggest piece of feedback I got from my initial concepts was that the path was unclear in how it was structured and seemed completely disconnected to the rest of the scene. With this in mind, I created a couple of concepts which explored different styles for the path that would make it seem more plausible:


The initial concept was just a exploration of my original idea of the path: a grassy garden path that literally just hangs in the air. This concept is the least interesting and also the least plausible.


The second concept is based on suggestions that the path could be connected to rocky outcrops or floating rocks. I really like the image of a garden path atop floating rocks.


My third concept was based on a suggestion that the path could be made from tangled roots. I really like this idea and tried to explore how the trees might hold the path together. I feel that this concept works the best as it has a very surreal tone to it and the trees can be used to add variety to the scene and to break up the path a bit.

These concepts were also displayed at the gallery walk. While the feedback was mostly positive towards the rocky and root path concepts I was also advised that the top of the path was too plain and boring – that I could break it up with rocks and foliage.


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