Deep Secret: Initial Concepts

For the Deep Secret world builders project I created some initial concepts. Below is my first attempt at a ‘photo-bash’ concept for this project.


While this does kind of show the positioning of the props within the scene it is also very confusing. The photos I chose were from differing (and incorrect) perspectives which makes this concept very unclear.

To remedy this, I quickly coloured one of my thumbnails in the hope of making something more usable.


Again this does not display the correct perspective and gives no information about the details of path or the towers. So again, this was an entirely unusable concept.

I presented both of these concepts at the gallery walk and got a good amount of feedback on how to improve: in particular, I was told to focus on the perspective and give more detail to the path. While it was nerve-wracking to display concepts which I knew were ineffective, it was still a good experience and I have learnt a lot from it.


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