My Twine Game “Walk Away”

Last week I made a Twine game, called Walk Away, which you can play on

It is a very, very small game about old places and moving on in which you walk through an old house trying to figure out why you are there.

CaptureI choose this topic because I have always loved ‘espace the room’ games and mystery games. It was also chosen for the sake of simplicity: I structured the Twine passages and links so that each room was a new passage. This made it simple for me to visualize and create the connections between them. The ending narrative then extends out from one of the rooms.

CaptureThrough the creation of this game I learned a lot about using Twine. Having done some HTML coding before, I found that I was able to apply this knowledge to change the visuals of my game and add in additional things like text fading in.
sdfmjndkYou can do a lot more with Twine than I originally expected. After going through the documentation I found that you can do things like keep track of where the player has been. After learning this, I changed my story a bit and included this into the game.

It was a very different way of designing and creating a game. I really enjoyed using Twine, even though I am not much of a writer. So many designers have done really interesting things with Twine and I can see how the simple format can be fully utilized to create something interesting.