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First Day Horrors: Animations and Post-Mortem

After Ben rigged the models I had created, I worked on the animation loops for the game. Below are videos of the animations of the game characters:

The animation is rough, especially the transitions. This is partly due to the time constraint. However, I really want to improve on the transitions and hope to do so in my animation specialization.


Overall, I am not happy with my work on this game. The designs were rushed, the models low-poly and ugly, no textures and very rough animation. All of this is partly due to the time constraint and partly due to the fact that I got sick in the middle of working on it.

The models are very basic and broke in some of the animations (monster’s legs and girl’s feet). I should have adjusted the design and the topography to fix these issues but I was running out of time.

In addition to this, something went wrong with the export (or possibly Unity) as Rowan could see the animations and play them in Unity but had trouble with putting them in the game. I am not sure what went wrong: I used 3DsMax to model and animate the characters and exported the models as FBX files with baked in animation.

Moving forward, I hope improve and resolve these issues through the animation specialization (game character). I plan to animate using Maya and will also do some research into more efficient game animation pipelines. In summary, this was not my best work but I has given me a new set of goals, new issues to solve and new things to research.


First Day Horrors: Models

For my cross-discipline project I have created a bunch of models. Due to the time limit, the models are very basic and low poly. Also, I will be using the sub-object colouring inside 3DsMax as opposed to unwrapping and texturing each model.







TEDDY BEAR: to be held by girl.

MONSTER: to be rigged and animated.

MONSTER: to be rigged and animated.

TEACHER: to be rigged and animated for end scene.

TEACHER: to be rigged and animated for end scene.


GIRL: to be rigged and animated.


Comparison of models


First Day Horrors: Brief and Initial Concepts

So, I am taking on a second cross-discipline project: a 3D game for Studio 2 game students. The brief was to make a game that would, at first, scare the player and then make them happy through a surprise. The game I will be working on is titled ‘First Day Horrors’ and is about a young girl who must run through a monster-filled, dark forest to reach a golden gate. This gate turns out to be her school gate: she was safe all along and had just run out of class because she was anxious about her first day of school.

Here is the big twist: this game is due next Wednesday. So I will be working hard doing concepts, art, modelling and animation. I am not sure how much I will get done, but we will see.

To begin with I have started by doing some concepts for the characters and game space. The only source of light will be from the girl’s plush toy. It is for this reason that I have gone for a dark palette with a bright accent. And, obviously, the time limit means we will be going with a very simplified, low poly style.

New canvas