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Iterative and Incremental Development

The spaghetti challenge really showed me the importance of prototyping and incremental development. This trimester I aim to employ these methods into the development of my final group project. After some research I found the following information:

  • Progress is made through repeated cycles (iterative) in small steps at a time (incremental)


Sourced from:


  • Initial Planning: identifies project scope, requirements and risks.
  • Planning: work out a skeleton model of what needs to be done.
  • Implementation: incrementally fills-in the skeleton through analysis, design, implementation, and testing.
  • Transition: delivers and refines the product.

Most importantly it means that a very basic working product will be produced and then improved upon – this would allow us to scale back the project where necessary and will help mitigate the risk of an uncompleted project.

For example, initial very basic textures would be developed. More advanced textures would be put into the backlog of stuff to do and, only if time permitted, would we develop and employ them. Even if we run out of time we would still have basic block textures.

Agile_Project_Management_by_PlanboxSourced from:


  • Good for large development efforts (and for a large team).
  • Very flexible working model (compared to say the Waterfall Method).
  • Allows multiple people to work on different, smaller cycles at one time.
  • Allows easily for changes and encourages improvement as there is feedback at every step.
  • Allows for a basic product to be completed quickly and then improved upon.

Orientation, Spaghetti & Goals

Today was orientation and I am looking forward to studio even more. I am excited to push myself and to see how far I can get. The two most important things I learnt today were: the importance of prototyping, as our spaghetti challenge failed hilariously, and the importance of grinding. Being new to 3D programs and animation there is a lot I am bad at.
I really want to work at grinding these over the coming trimester:

  • Modelling – need to get faster and more efficient
  • Unwrapping – need to be more efficient
  • Rigging – have only ever rigged a simple object
  • Animation – have only every animated a simple object
  • Time management – have short term goals and deadlines
  • Prototyping and incremental learning – this will help me learn more effectively

Things I would like to make an effort to improve this trimester:

  • Character, creature, concept design
  • Figure and environment drawing
  • More detailed texturing

Additional things I would like to learn:

  • How to use Unity (or similar game engines)
  • How to incorporate my 3D models and animation into these programs
  • CAT rigs in 3DsMax

Definitions I learnt today:

  • MVP: minimal valuable product (highest return for lowest risk for the investors).
  • Use Case: how the end user excepts to use a product/program etc. If they are unable to do the use case failed.
  • Executive Producer: they are the money therefore they can change to project at anytime and expect things done.
  • Producer: keeps everything on track, similar to the EP but on a more day to day basis.
  • KPI: key performance indicators (they aim to make you a more hire-able person, i.e. don’t be a dick)
  • PBL: project based learning.
  • Iteratively: incremental learning and development (taking things step by step)
  • Professional Practice: building your portfolio and skills to a professional standard based on your own goals (what do you want to be?)