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Task 3: Mage Model

This week we were to model the mage character that was originally designed by Elle. I was unable to finish the character in class as I had to go to the games class. So I finished the model on Thursday by following the tutorial videos. The videos are in-depth and easy to follow: I found it easy to follow along and only took me a few hours to complete. The model sheets also made the process very straight forward.

Through this task I have learnt how to create a low-poly organic model with topology appropriate for animation. This will be extremely useful for my collaboration with the game students and later on in the future. More specifically, I learnt how to create simple joints, such as knee and elbow joints.

The videos taught me several new things:

  • Right clicking to get to the sub-selection options (i.e. target weld, connect)
  • “6” to leave sub-selection mode
  • How to flatten a selection using the planar option
  • How to use GeoPoly correctly
  • That loop and polygon (and many more) options can be found in the top ribbon

Additionally, I learnt how to model extra clothing features such shoes, a hat, a cloak and a belt.


This was interesting as it made me consider the ways in which the base model would be animated and how that might affect the additional items. I chose to also model the additional belt piece as well. My final model is below:


The design of the model is great as it is simple but also detailed. I look forward to unwrapping and texturing it as I really want to improve these skills.