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Task 4b: Texture Fix Up

After looking at my textures again I found that they were quite dull and dark. I decided to fix this by quickly adjusting the levels. My final textures are as shown:

final final

Applied to the model:

LIGHTENEDYou can see the difference below:



Task 4b: Mage Model Texture

Following the unwrap, I started the long (much, much longer than I anticipated) process of texturing. To start with, I worked out a basic colour scheme. This was my original idea which I adapted to suit the model.


Following Elle’s video, I first added the flat base colours and drew a quick guide over the top to use as a reference throughout.

01This guide did not change that much although I added a lot more detail in many areas. After quickly painting in some abs, I started working out the symbols and “magic” for his hands. I chose to use the alchemy symbol for the Philosopher’s Stone, as I like its design and think it works well with the model.


I wasted a lot of time on these hands. In retrospect this was a bad choice as I spent much more time on texturing than I wanted to. Mostly I was messing around with the symbols but I also had a lot of trouble with the seams.

I started to add details, trims and shading slowly.


This is the first time I have ever really painted digitally. Initially I used a soft brush but upon Chris’ advice I switched to a hard brush. I found that the end result was an interesting “painted” texture (you can see it on the pants).


After I worked out a majority of the texture, I tried using the alpha channel. Below is my first attempt: parts of the belt and cloak are transparent but I forgot to do the clasp as well. I turned this off while I was texturing as it messed with my model in the viewport. 07

For the mages back, I decided to add more of the magical symbols, similar to his arms. For the glows I used big, soft brushes on a low opacity, then added a Gaussian blur filter. I repeated this several times, each layer more and more blurry, with different opacity levels. I also added an outer glow to the layer with the symbols. I had a lot of fun messy around with glows. The result is below.


I did the same to the arms. As you can see, I chose to use a very small colour palette. The same yellow highlight was used the the hands, magical symbols, eyes and cloth trimmings.


The last thing I choose to texture was the belt. I have never really been good at drawing cloth so I was a bit intimidated by it. I used the orange and yellow trimming to help me work out how the fabric was going to fall.


After the belt and a couple of touch ups, I was finished. My final textures are as so:

final(Sorry the UV map is still visible) 

This is how it appears on my model:


I am quite happy with the result as this is my first time texturing with this level of detail. Also it is the first digital painting I have ever done.  Texturing this model was really enjoyable. I loved working out the colours and details and learnt some very good painting techniques.

Task 4a: Mage Model Unwrap

Continuing on with the mage model that we modelled last week, we learnt different techniques of unwrapping and used them to unwrap the model. To start this we began be deleting half of our model. This was done so to simplify the unwrapping. We worked on one half and simply applied a symmetry modifier later on.

01We learnt how to planar map vertexes so that the symmetry modifier would work later on.


We also learnt about seams: what they are and how to use them effectively. Elle had previously taught me about seams when I was creating my hard-surface model but this was very helpful in refreshing my memory, and I learnt a lot more this time round. Some of my initial seams can be seen below (they appear blue):


As this is a organic model with many curved shapes and cylinders, we used the “peel” tool in most of the unwrapping. Again, I had used this before but I now have a much greater understanding of it. In addition to this we learnt how to use the “Quick Planar Map” tool and also how to quickly rescale our unwraps. Below is the unwrap of my mage, without the belt or the symmetry modifier.


After the main body of the mage was complete, we collapsed the symmetry modifier into the mage and attached the belt. I also added the clasp on the front of the cloak. I unwrapped these extra pieces and finalised my UV map.


As you can see below, I prioritised the arms, face, belt and cloak as they will need more detailed texturing. The feet were the least important which is why I have scaled them down.


I am much more confident in my unwrapping skills and feel sure that my team and I will be able to unwrap our characters successfully for the final project. This exercise was extremely helpful and I look forward to unwrapping more characters in the future.