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Task 9: Finished Obstacle Course

Below is the final version of my section of the obstacle course animation:

There is still much I could have done to fix this up, such as giving more weight to the landings and adding facial expressions. However due to time constraints I am unable to fix these at the moment. I would like to go back and polish this more – possible over the holidays.


Task 9: All Progress

Below is a video showing all of the iterations and progress made on the obstacle course:

Task 9: First Pass of Inbetweens

In the video below is the unedited curves and then the first pass of the edited curves. Between these stages I had to fix the right arm (the one closest to the camera) because it was using FK targets. The FK targets did not inbetween well (you can see this when he is climbing) so I had to change this to IK and redo all of the keys. This stage stage has taken me longer than expected as a result of this.

I will be working on this further. In particular I will focus on the moments of impact (jumping and landing) as they need more weight.

Task 9: Second Pass of Stepped Keys

I have further refined the stepped keys. In particular I have focused on the hands and feet and the timing of the overall piece. There were many issues with my original stepped keys especially with hands and feet “floating” above surfaces. The first and second passes can be seen and compared below:

Tonight I will be adding the smooth curves and finishing the animation. I will be also filming the shot into which the animation will be composited.

Task 9: Obstacle Course Stepped Keys

Below is the first pass of the stepped keys for the obstacle course animation. Please note that this is just a work in progress and I shall be finishing this up over the next couple of days.

Task 9: Thumbnails

For the animation challenge my team is animating a tiny person navigating their way along a tabletop. I am doing the final section of the animation. The actions I will be animating include:

  • Run cycle
  • Climb
  • Jump
  • Weight shift
  • Trip

Below are my thumbnails for the scene. I have coloured the right and left side limbs differently in order to make them clearer.


Task 9: Planning the Obstacle Course

Today we began planning the obstacle course for the animation challenge. After some discussion with my group, we came up with the following ideas:

  • character is really small and climbs over tabletop (or similar)
  • include parkour aspects
  • could composite final animation
  • possibly even composite footage of cat (or similar) chasing character
  • character think they have got away, looks back and gets shocked

From this we developed a basic environment and plan of how the character might move through it:


We pitched this idea to the class and got a lot of feedback. Most importantly we are going to have to consider whether compositing the animation will be in scope. The rest of the feedback is below:


Things we will be considering include:

  • Revealing the scale at the end in order to give audience a surprise
  • Character might be running towards a goal – possibly food – at end of the table
  • Whether to composite or not depending on time

How we will go about this project:

  1. Refine overall plan
  2. Plan sequence of events
  3. Allocate tasks
  4. Define roles within team
  5. Start story-boarding
  6. Test every stage of the production pipeline
  7. Begin production