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Task 10b: Camera Test

A couple of weeks ago we took the camera test to check our competency with the film DSLR cameras. I was not too worried as I had previously used cameras and tripods before. The test went smoothly and everyone in the class passed. This was great news as it enabled us to borrow the equipment needed for our final project. Thanks to Andrew and Eric for taking the time to teach us.


Camera Training and Compositing

Unfortunately, I was sick the day we received the camera training in class. However, Eric very kindly went through the training with me last Friday. So, hopefully, I will be fine for the test tomorrow. Most of the information was pretty basic: how to set up the tripod and camera, formatting cards, zooming, panning etc. I feel like the most complicated parts will be trying to remember where all the buttons are. Also, how to find a good exposure using ISO and aperture. Here is a helpful diagram if anyone is struggling:


This training has made me really excited for the compositing exercise. I have never done anything of the sort and I think it will be really fun learning something new, as there is such an application for films and especially for visual effects. One of the most important things will be the environment set up and the tracking markers we use. Eric told me that there are printable tracking markers which will be very handy for our assignment. I found these simply by googling: