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Task 12: Tabletop Composition

I have composited the tabletop animation into the footage I took a couple of days ago. To do this I tried several different methods of motion tracking and compositing. I looked at ways to import 3D objects into After Effects but could not find a way without buying plugins or expensive programs. Eventually I just changed the viewport in 3DsMax to a PNG sequence of my video file and adjusted my model to suit. Then I rendered and composited the footage together. Below is a breakdown of the composition:

Below is the final composit:

Even though I have tried extremely hard to fix this, the books still seem to slide.


Task 12: Compositing Footage

Below is a comparison of the original and edited footage. In After Effects I added three modifiers:

  • Levels – to fix the lighting and contrast
  • Colour Balance – to warm up the footage
  • Warp Stabilizer VFX – to stabilize the shaky footage

I am not sure how effective the stabilization was… it seems to have blurred the frames a bit. I might try to find a better method or modifier.

Task 12b: Chair Composition Exercise

Today in class we learnt how to track the movement of a camera from prerecorded footage using the Camera Tracker. Similar to the previous task, we added text into the scene.

I chose to add additional text, a vignette and also a colour balance modifier.

I think it works fairly well, however I think the text is a little too bright for the scene. Next time I would pick a slightly darker, more appropriate, colour and maybe even add a bit of a texture.

Task 12a: Robot Compositing Exercise

In this exercise we learnt the basics of digital compositing and also got experience using Adobe After Effects. Having messed around with video editing in the past I really enjoyed this task. In addition to this, the image editing that IĀ use at work has actually come in handy.

For this task we learnt how to add motion trackers and add glows. In addition to this I added text and a vignette. My final composition is below: